Currently, Sayesaman is working with over 20 brands to receive a wide range of food, beverage, and pharmaceutical products from the country’s most famous and renowned manufacturers and to provide its customers with the most reliable and highest-quality services throughout Iran based on their needs and demands.


Sayesaman Distribution Company has collected the best quality and most comprehensive collection of products in its field over two decades of experience and strives to provide the most excellent services to its dear customers. In this article, we intend to introduce you to the various products of this company, including:




Beauty & Cosmetic



Currently, Sayesaman company strives to receive a wide range of food and pharmaceutical products from nationally and internationally renowned manufacturers, with awareness of customers’ needs, from over 20 domestic and foreign brands, and provide its customers throughout Iran with the safest and fastest services.


One of the customer communication channels in Sayesaman distribution company is retailers. Retailers are the final link in the supply chain between producers or distributors and consumers. Sayesaman receives products from manufacturers and distributes them to various retailers across the country so that they can reach the end consumer. Retail is essential because it allows producers to focus on producing goods without worrying about interacting with end users who want to buy those goods. Retail can be an individual, physical store, or online store. These sellers usually do not have any involvement in producing goods and services. They purchase the product from a supplier and are responsible for selling it to the end user. Although markets are still considered to be thriving businesses and visiting them is very attractive, nowadays, the number of retail stores has reached hundreds of thousands, including small grocery stores, convenience stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and shopping centers, some of which are the largest and most stylish stores in the country.
In recent years, large shopping centers such as hypermarkets have rapidly developed in the country, creating a competitive environment in the retail industry. The sustainable presence and growth of chain stores in such an environment require effective measures to maintain and enhance customer satisfaction through improving services and creating more value. This requires continuous communication between these stores and reputable distribution companies that can supply a wide range of products chain stores need and make them available to end consumers. One of the primary missions of Sayesaman distribution company is to establish connections with active chain stores throughout the country, and attracting and expanding this type of customer channel can take a practical step toward the growth and progress of the organization.

Our Branches in Iran

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Head Office: N0. 2 nd, Alavi Alley, Sepahbod Gharani, Tehran – Iran
Postal Code:  1599944311
Tell: +98 21 88800892-5
Fax: +98 21 88897426
Email: info@sayesaman.com

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