Sayesaman, equipped with the latest storage equipment and devices, advanced IT technologies, an intelligent routing system, eight channels of customer communication, and a fleet of more than 460 vehicles, can provide 2,000 orders daily across the country. Therefore, it has a reliable and particular position in the country’s distribution industry.

Retail Sales

Retail distribution is one of the practical strategies in the supply and distribution chain of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). In this strategy, customers can obtain the required product directly from the retailer without intermediaries. Retail distribution aims to eliminate intermediaries and provide customers with direct access to the product. Unlike traditional sales systems, retail distribution delivers the product from the retailer to the final customer and prevents the creation of false price increases by intermediaries. Since retail distribution eliminates intermediaries from the distribution system, it dramatically reduces the cost and time of delivering the final product to customers. For this reason, many manufacturing companies prefer retail distribution companies because reducing waiting time and final cost increases customer satisfaction and demand.
Retail sale refers to selling goods or services directly to consumers for personal use or consumption. Retail sales usually occur in physical stores, although they can also occur online. In a retail environment, products are displayed on shelves or racks, and customers can browse and select the items they want. Retail sales can encompass various products and industries, from clothing and electronics to food and household items. Retailers may be independent businesses or part of a larger chain or franchise, and they may specialize in certain types of products or cater to specific consumer demographics

Van Sales

The aim of Sayesaman Distribution Company is to cover most of the existing market from the available capacities in capillary distribution and using the available sales locations.
For these reasons, our products are available in restaurants, five-star hotels, newsstands, pastry shops, coffee shops, Gym clubs, etc.


Coffee Shops


GYM Clubs

Newspaper Kiosk

Pastry Shops


Whatever your business needs are, we have the shipping capacity and freight options to drive you forward. We always operate a modern fleet which is maintained by our trained mechanics. In accordance with the ISO 14000 standard and the awareness of the Sayesaman company on the environmental impact of cars, it considers itself committed to the prevention of pollution and the continuous improvement of fleets.
We will work with you to determine the best transportation modes for achieving your goals. For us, being a trucking company is about more than just transporting goods, it’s all about the relationships we are building along the way!
Everything from glass packaging products to confectionery and even pharmaceuticals must follow government safety and transportation protocols. We have experience ordering these items. Every year, there are thousands of incidents in the world where HAZMATs are released into the environment as a result of accidents or natural disasters. We can provide you with the most comprehensive solutions to control hazardous substances in Iran.



170 Km

Average Distance Travelled
by each Distribution Vehicle

2 Ton

Average Delivery Weight

2391 KG

Delivery Carry Out Per Day


We pride ourselves on our extensive and state-of-the-art fleet, which is vital to food and beverage distribution. Sayesaman Group has well-equipped trucks and machinery and an up-to-date warehouse so that we can provide reliable distribution of a wide range of products – on time, every time.


Trailer Trucks


Refrigerated Trucks






Stocker & Machinery 


Sayesaman co. has a robust and developed infrastructure in the warehousing sector. It follows enforceable laws and regulations in all its warehouses, following the ISO 9001 quality management system. The company has 21 warehouses with an area of 41,389 square meters and 235 personnel throughout Iran.

Chill Storage 0-5

It is equipped with 500 square meters of space with appropriate equipment and in accordance with international standards, for storing products that need to be kept at a temperature of 0-5 degrees Celsius.

Ambient Storage 8-16

For food and pharmaceutical products, which must be kept in a temperature range of 8-16 degrees Celsius, an area of ​​about 1000 square meters with dedicated equipment is considered.

General Cargo Storage

Currently, 10,000 square meters of warehouse space has been allocated to store products that need to be kept at a temperature of 22 degrees Celsius.

Trade Marketing

Market Research

Marketing research is a set of processes that connect the producer and customers and the final consumer through the collection of information. This information is used to define marketing opportunities and threats, evaluate marketing activities and better understand the marketing process and improve it.
Sayesaman company tries to have sufficient and comprehensive information about the target markets and competitors’ performance by using modern methods and tools.


Sayesaman Distribution Company pays great attention to customer satisfaction as a feeling or attitude towards its products or services after use. Customer satisfaction is the main result of the marketer’s activity, which acts as a link between the different stages of consumer buying behavior.
With this aim, we have always tried to be different from other competitors and products and to create the availability and display of our products in shopping centers based on modern and suitable models.
Merchandizing activities are handled through the cooperative efforts of Sayesaman’s team and the suppliers. These include activities related to POSM, stand, fridge, product placement in retail stores, etc.

Sayesaman Business Intelligence Analytics

Having better control and visibility Over Services to Your Products


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