Sayesaman is the most reputable and pioneering logistics company in Iran and the Middle East, with over two decades of experience. With an extensive transportation fleet, an experienced workforce, the use of the latest technologies, effective relationships with suppliers, and improving product distribution quantity and quality, the company has distinguished itself from its competitors in the distribution industry.

Our Mission

Sayesaman Distribution Company relies on its specialized and trained workforce, utilizing the latest technologies, standard vehicles, and equipped warehouses, and providing services with the highest quality and speed to satisfy producers and consumers, as well as continuously growing the company and increasing profitability, strives to have the largest share in the distribution of food and medicine. Furthermore, by introducing customer satisfaction as the main element and organizational requirement, the company strives to create the best customer experience by employing the best services according to leading international standards.
The most critical mission of Sayesaman Distribution Company is to minimize the time gap between production and consumption and to endeavor to receive products from manufacturers in the shortest possible time and distribute them to sales centers. Additionally, Sayesaman strives to develop and maintain continuous collaboration with its suppliers by distributing and selling their products to create mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships and improve the performance of the company’s processes. It aims to become the first and most reputable distribution company in Iran and the world in the not-too-distant future, relying on these capabilities.

Our Vision

Sayesaman Distribution Company is the most reputable and innovative company in the logistics industry in Iran. With a deep understanding of customers’ needs, Sayesaman strives to increase speed and capacity, develop the best brands to offer a broader range of products to consumers, and become the first choice of suppliers and customers for distribution at the national and global levels.

Goals & Value

  • Developing collaboration with business partners and earning their trust.
  • Significantly increasing market share and profitability of the organization.
  • Improving the quality level of services offered to customers.
  • Enhancing the distribution system with the highest quality and lowest cost.
  • Entering into export markets.

Our History


Sayesaman Distribution Company was initially established as an exclusive distributor of Alifard products in 1374 with 35 personnel and gradually achieved significant growth in the food distribution industry.Iran.

Our Team

Sayesaman Distribution Company is proud to have 2,590 highly experienced and skilled personnel in this organization. Out of this number, 1,241 are in the sales department, 1,060 in the distribution department, 51 in the planning department, and 51 are also active in the IT, ERP, and BI departments.
Sayesaman believes that all employees are partners in the company’s success and always strives to create a healthy and balanced work environment to improve the focus and efficiency of its employees. The company also attaches great importance to the professional development of its employees. It seeks to meet their needs and continuous progress by providing solid, transparent career paths and the most up-to-date and modern operational and learning tools.
Sayesaman believes its team should always be eager to learn and grow continuously.
One of the most important members of the Sayesaman family is the people. The perpetual kindness and loyalty of the people have made Sayesaman what it is today, and we hope that with the selfless support of our beloved people shortly, we will become one of the largest and most prominent distribution companies in Iran and the world.


Sayesaman distribution company has used SAP ERP operational system for its financial, distribution, sales, and procurement activities for over five years. The company believes that innovation is the key to success. Using the latest and most advanced technologies will create superiority and high value for the company among customers and partners. SAP, one of the prominent ERP software, is used to improve all business processes carried out by the company. All the mentioned departments, including sales, procurement, material management, human resources, distribution, and financial affairs, use various modules of SAP that are fully integrated. Each module will facilitate productivity and scalability through the effective use of resources.
The SAP SD module of the Sayesaman distribution company has the following key features:
1- Price and taxes: This module is constructive in determining the prices of goods and services, such as discounts or discounts given to customers.
2- Inventory check of goods in the warehouse: By using this software, you can determine how much inventory of products is in the organization’s warehouse.
3- Invoice and receipt: This module helps to create an invoice or receipt.
4- Determining materials: It is used to determine the characteristics of materials based on their conditions. For example, using the MM module or material management helps the relevant department ensure that all organization materials are stored in suitable quantities at the right time and place. This method also ensures that the supply chain of the organization is maintained.
5- Credit management: Credit management is a way to manage customer credit constraints that Clients can calculate in two ways through SAP: manual credit and automatic credit checking.
6- Account determination: It helps you determine consumer details based on their account number.
Also, SAP offers various methods for monitoring all business processes and, along with different modules and reports, can use GPS location systems to examine the precise locations of visitors and customers and assist the monitoring team in fully controlling all sales stages with predefined methods.


Head Office: N0. 2 nd, Alavi Alley, Sepahbod Gharani, Tehran – Iran
Postal Code:  1599944311
Tell: +98 21 88800892-5
Fax: +98 21 88897426
Email: info@sayesaman.com

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